Optimizing and Leveraging IT for Mission Success

Breakthrough efficiency for dynamic results

NJVC's professional engineering services provide full lifecycle management to achieve your mission. NJVC is a leader in the design, testing and deployment of IT process automation solutions that increase return on investment, reduce total cost of ownership and improve quality of service.

Our adaptive services framework supports high-performance IT environments within an intelligent security envelope, seamlessly integrating critical IT services capabilities with a flexible service delivery model. We are driven by the unique needs of our customers, with a commitment to security, automation and staff efficiency proven across complex, global deployments.

Our solutions are designed for IT environments with the highest security and risk management requirements.


Strategic Planning & Design

Our process innovation and renovation services begin with a full assessment of your enterprise, developing clear documentation of requirements and devising plans for consolidation, migration, automation and management. NJVC combines customer-focused strategy with a rapid deployment services orientation, integrating industry-specific governance, risk and compliance considerations.

From to-be strategy and planning, to enterprise architecture and IT assessments, to modeling and simulation, our systems engineers will evaluate the unique strengths, weaknesses and potential of your organization.


Systems Engineering & Configuration Management

Our professional engineering and implementation services include vendor solution design, configuration, implementation and maintenance. We develop detailed engineering plans and specifications according to your mission requirements.

When consistency is key, NJVC guarantees visibility, efficiency and control in the performance and functionality of your system.


Test Engineering 

Our team of highly certified systems engineers will perform extensive tests of your system, ensuring that all attributes are functioning as designed. We conduct systems testing, evaluation and inspections throughout the duration of the project lifecycle, maintaining constant communication with our customers to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction.


Implementation & Performance Optimization

Our lifecycle management services include engineering staff augmentation, operations outsourcing, reverse logistics and logistics support. Our project managers maintain constant and continued support of all contract requirements to ensure mission achievement, because your mission is our mission.