We specialize in designing, developing and testing secure software applications. We conduct a thorough analysis of your enterprise infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities. We provide operational infrastructure support to some of the world's most highly protected networks. We develop a framework to mitigate risk and enhance your organization's security posture. Our cleared IA engineering support staff meet DoDD 8570 certification criteria with the latest training. We operate firewall management and computer network defense services on an outsourced basis. We assess the full range of your cybersecurity program, infrastructure and operations. We provide real-time situational awareness of data from an unlimited number of information sources.

Cyber Security


Integrated Security for Complex Threats

Proven Performance
NJVC was formed to help protect and defend highly sensitive information. Security remains in our corporate DNA, woven in concert with constant innovation. Currently, our 80+ plus dedicated cyber security professionals secure more than 700 networks worldwide, supporting more than 57,000 user accounts and active enterprise-as-a service models, like ISP and ASP.
Managed Services
Deploy world-class cyber security expertise without the overhead. It's our support tailored to your mission.
Partnering for Innovation
As a responsive systems integrator, NJVC partners with the best emerging technology companies regardless of size, providing experience and guidance, while deploying cutting-edge technology.
You can't defend against what you can't see. Our innovative focus on automation and visualization, provides real-time views of your cyber security posture.  
Who We Serve
Department of Defense
Intelligence Community
Federal Civilian Agencies
Healthcare Organizations
Critical Infrastructure Entities
Threat actors know one thing your organization almost certainly doesn't: each and every one of your IT enterprise's weak points.
Whether on the front lines or in a storefront, your IT enterprise is more than a tool of support for your organization, it is your organization. From managing finance to communications to intelligence, your enterprise is what makes a workforce into an agency and contributors into a company. It is the engine of your enterprise—without which your mission would be unachievable.
It is your most indispensable asset. Is it protected like it is?
NJVC offers leading-edge cyber security, using lessons learned protecting some of the world's most sensitive data to secure IT enterprises to end-user devices for customers in national security, federal civilian and commercial markets, understanding that the most valuable enterprise in the world is yours. From basic preventative measures, like regular assessments and training, through enterprise-capable continuous monitoring solutions, NJVC Cyber Security puts your organization in charge of your cyber defense, rather than simply reacting to breaches and intrusions.
We offer direct, onsite support and managed services, providing a wide array of cyber security expertise in a field that has become as specialized as IT itself—our expertise and staff stays ahead of the curve so you can focus on your mission goals.
Through intelligent automation, precise integration and constant innovation, we making securing your enterprise our goal, so your mission can be yours.

Cyber Systems Integration:
Enterprise-Wide Defense

The NJVC Cyber Security team provides cyber integration that protects overall IT infrastructure and all data created, transferred and used across an organization.
As a managed security services provider, NJVC utilizes dedicated cyber engineering talent to establish and maintain an enhanced security posture. We work with our industry-leading technology partners to create visualization and alerting capabilities that provide actionable information. 
This data conveys both real-time alerts, as well as longer-term trending information, to mitigate the continually changing threat landscape all organizations face.
Our services are offered via a wide range of subscription options, allowing customers to match budget realities with protection profiles. As a vendor-neutral, services-focused provider, NJVC works with all existing IT software and hardware configurations to identify the most relevant threats and to mitigate gaps in security infrastructure and policies.
Threat actors don't stop innovating. Neither should your cyber security.

Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Defense

Most modern cyber security efforts are like using a Polaroid camera where surveillance video belongs. Scans are infrequent and only capture snapshots in time. Evading detection is a matter of course, not exception. Find out how NJVC's continuous monitoring solution can provide enhanced real-time protection for defense and intelligence, federal civilian and commercial customers. Read more

Start Here: Cyber Check Up

Regular third-party cyber security assessments are as much a part of IT maintenance as changing the oil in a car's engine is for vehicle maintenance.
Or, think of your IT enterprise as a system of roads built by third-party contractors with differing standards of cyber security, differing missions and differing responsibilities. Contractors and vendors may provide the basis of your network—the roads or the servers and end-user devices—and may come with some level of security, like a guard rail or basic rights management. As a cyber systems integrator, NJVC provides holistic cyber security, identifying gaps where roads and networks might not meet, putting in stop lights and fire walls, building in speed limits—like rights management policies—and continuing user safety through regular monitoring and maintenance, ensuring true operational security for the lifetime of your enterprise, not simply at startup. 
A regular cyber check up is a required regular maintenance effort, just as filling in pot holes or replacing missing stop signs are for safely managing traffic.
We offer a series of security assessments that range from a quick check up conducted in one day, through a longer-term cyber security workshop and through an intensive and comprehensive cyber security technical assessment. Benefits include:
·         Provides a quick view quantifying cyber security risk exposure
·         Focuses on current real-world threats
·         Identifies malicious software already present
·         Quantifies existing security gaps                         

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