Workshops and Seminars

High-level Cloud Computing Seminar
During this half-day executive seminar on government cloud computing, students get a high-level overview of cloud computing concepts and technologies. They learn about the federal cloud computing initiative and its relationship to the federal cloud computing strategy, the federal data center consolidation initiative and the federal IT management reform plan. Students explore the value of cloud computing within the context of their agencies' own missions.
In-depth Cloud Computing Workshop
NJVC also offers an in-depth three-day course on government cloud computing. During the first day, students get a detailed overview of cloud computing, including history, component technologies, commercial and government examples, structural layers and key operational discussion points. On the second day, the relevance of cloud computing to agency mission is discussed, using a general cloud computing reference model and relevant cloud computing use cases; National Institute of Standards and Technology standards, security and cloud portability and interoperability issues are also covered. On the third day, cloud adoption strategy is covered, including a cloud computing planning exercise and development of an optional executive briefing.

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