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Cloudcuity Management Portal
The NJVC Cloudcuity Management Portal delivers a platform for the unified management and control of public, private, community and hybrid cloud environments, across one or more cloud providers. Using a federated services catalog that centralizes the capabilities and cost of service for multiple cloud services providers, the Cloudcuity portal helps IT teams optimize their cloud environments, while simplifying management functions across complex deployments. The Cloudcuity Management Portal provides federal government users access to a network of federated virtual data centers supplied by the world’s leading cloud services providers.
NJVC PaaS rapidly creates and deploys custom software solutions that align with the NIST Reference Architecture for Cloud Computing. PaaS includes a common role-based security engine, forms, workflow and reporting services. Developers can take advantage of its open Application Programming Interface (API) for integrating legacy, third-party and open source applications, while ensuring a vendor-neutral infrastructure footprint. Programs created on NJVC PaaS are inherently cloud-enabled, fully leveraging the underlying infrastructure and associated elasticity, and compatible with SaaS models.
Through its PaaS APIs, the NJVC Cloud Services framework defines an open environment in which departments and agencies will be able to access both NJVC-certified SaaS offerings and open-source or legacy/third-party applications to address specific operational needs. NJVC is actively engaged with the SaaS community to continually expand the portfolio of solutions available to NJVC Cloud Services clients.
As cloud infrastructure becomes an integral part of IT storage strategies, agencies expect a highly cost-effective, secure and scalable solution that provides seamless access to their data. The fundamental challenge facing cloud storage is scalability. NJVC Cloud Services addresses the challenge of scalable data protection with a new purpose-built, cloud storage solution.
Virtualization is changing the way resources are deployed and managed by simplifying and speeding up the IT response to a changing business environment. NJVC can help you reduce IT management requirements and expenses and prioritize business needs and maximize server resources by quickly moving workloads from one virtual workspace to another, enabling you to increase or decrease capacity within minutes—not hours or days.
Web Hosting
NJVC provides access to both managed hosting and cloud hosting facilities in NJVC-managed data centers specifically designed for high security government operations. Our hosting platforms also ensure that the availability of applications is in real time, cutting across the barrier of networks and space, as the application actually resides in the cloud.
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