Cloudcuity Framework

The NJVC Cloudcuity framework helps organizations strategize, operationalize and utilize cloud computing services in government environments. This framework consists of modular offerings that address practical, government-based requirements for planning, operations and long-term application of cloud services. Through this structured framework, we are able to deliver required education and training, assessment services and strategic planning support in a timely and cost-effective manner, while helping the implementation team maintain its focus on critical strategic considerations, including:
  • Solution Agility: Ability to continually adapt to changing workloads
  • Portability: Ease of movement across multiple service provider platforms; mission critical application migration
  • Reliability/Availability: Optimal uptime performance
  • Security: Emphasis on securing data and applications across the organization
The three tiers of the NJVC Cloud Services framework are:
Supports development of cloud implementation strategies through a suite of services that helps customers better understand cloud technology, organizational requirements and growth objectives.
Delivers a breakthrough solution for the provisioning and management of a cloud computing environment, along with the services to optimize cloud resources in parallel with legacy IT services.
Provides the foundational capabilities needed to migrate applications to cloud architecture, beginning with convenient access to the world’s most powerful cloud service providers.

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