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NJVC’s Secure Printing services meet the needs of our defense, intelligence and military clients for accuracy, speed, quality and security. If security is top of mind for your printing and media duplications needs, NJVC is the perfect partner.

NJVC offers expert Secure Printing services—federal clients can come to us with their toughest requirements and we always deliver to satisfaction. Since 2000, the intelligence, defense and military communities have relied on this full-service information technology provider to support their highly specialized, Secure Printing needs. Our printing services meet our clients’ requirements for accuracy, speed and security during for national security events and during humanitarian crises and military operations. Security is so important to NJVC in the delivery of printing and media services that we’ve established our own secure facility in the St. Louis metropolitan area. This unique facility has printed an amazing 150 million-plus maps and charts and duplicated more than 14 million discs for our Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD) clients.

Secure Printing Services

Our Secure Printing facility properly handles sensitive materials to meet our clients’ requirements. Our printing and digital replication services are International Organization for Standardization 9001:2008 certified. Our facility offers the latest software programs, closed loop scanning technology, high-quality dot production, accurate screen percentages and outstanding color proofing. Bring on the large jobs. We can handle large-scale printing jobs to a full 47x63 inches. Our staff also is highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of printing and media duplication. In fact, our press operators and production staff average 15 to 20 years of industry service and our pressroom is G7 certified.

Our Secure Printing services include:

  • Prepress: The best prepress services, including: Preps Imposition Software for efficient paper usage and bindery operations and state-of-the-art color proofing system, allowing for small- to large-format and high-color and color-correct proofs
  • Press: High-quality, high-speed printing services—no matter the size of the job. Starting with our 40-inch and proceeding to our 55-inch and large 63-inch multi-colored, sheet-fed presses, NJVC can print sheet sizes from 13 to 9 inches to a full 47 to 63 inches. We are equipped to efficiently handle your Secure Printing needs.
  • Finishing: Multiple processes to satisfy varying print demands. NJVC possesses several large-format MBO folders with high-production capabilities and two large-format Lawson cutters and paper-handling systems and multiple binding styles, including stitching, adhesive binding and spiral binding.

Direct Mail Services

NJVC mailroom services can securely print addresses on products and mail to multiple destinations, complying with new postal regulations.

Digital Media Services

In addition to print, NJVC delivers dependable digital media services using state-of-the-art equipment. We produce CDs and DVDs and maintain websites receiving millions of visitors for our IC and DoD clients. Our digital replication division has 400 automated and manual drives to support custom optical disc (CD and DVD) generation. NJVC’s 100-percent quality validation on all duplication gives clients complete end-product quality assurance.


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