Operations and Sustainment

Operations and Sustainment (O&S) Solutions - NJVC

NJVC focuses on sustaining and optimizing networks by providing specialized, proven expertise in local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) technology, communications security and engineering services. Our staff of industry-certified engineers possesses extensive knowledge in commercial network products, cryptographic equipment, communications security and network protocols. By applying these skills to full lifecycle support for the enterprise network infrastructure, NJVC can optimize and sustain your network operations by transitioning legacy equipment and implementing the latest in communication solutions. Benefits of NJVC Operations and Sustainment services are:

  • Network Operations and Sustainment that provides increased network availability and bandwidth, meeting mission requirements through an enterprise-wide lifecycle management
  • Improved quick-response capability and reduced incompatibility between client networks with proactive transition management to ensure network sustainment
  • Compliance of new systems and minimization of risk impact on services by use of integration testing facilities

LAN and WAN Services

By providing support for the full lifecycle of the LAN and WAN, NJVC network engineering and sustainment consistently exceeds client service level agreements and ensures network Operations and Sustainment. Our professionals work directly with our clients to design services that meet future capacity planning and traffic engineering needs without disrupting present services. We fully simulate the network environment and test changes to minimize risk and deliver services on time and on schedule. Our team of administrators and engineers deploys industry-standard network monitoring and configuration tools for real-time problem identification and resolution to mitigate active issues and to sustain network operations. We understand that the enterprise network supports a wide variety of traffic, including voice and video, cloud computing, web traffic and more. We design networks with quality of service and redundancy to exceed bandwidth, stability and availability requirements. Our performance far exceeds client standards. For our Intelligence Community and Department of Defense (DoD) clients, we continually provide 100-percent availability for enterprise network accessibility and 99.99 percent for network accessibility in the core LAN/WAN infrastructure. Our Operations and Sustainment services reduce costs and minimize negative impact to users. We also validate and consolidate requirements and perform site surveys to verify compliance with baseline architectures. Our team coordinates and schedules outages as needed, both internally and with WAN service providers to avoid network disruptions and to sustain and increase service availability.

Communications Security Services

NJVC integrates security into every service, meeting client requirements without compromising the mission or network. Our skilled team, DoD- and National Security Agency-trained, partners with our clients to design a full range of communications security services and ensure network operations sustainment.


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