Network Operations Center (NOC) Solutions - NJVC

NJVC provides world-class Network Operations Center infrastructure, management and support so our clients can concentrate on their mission requirements. We have extensive experience building and providing mission-critical support of Network Operations Centers in critical, sensitive, highly secure environments That experience provides NJVC clients with end-to-end Network Operations Center infrastructure with high reliability and low cost of operation. The NJVC team’s Network Operations Center approach ensures continual network and information availability and allows clients to concentrate on their missions. Benefits of our Network Operations Center services are:

  • Flexibility to meet requirements
  • Reduced cost of operation
  • Complete technical support
  • Comprehensive links to intelligence sources and networks, satellite television and other assets
  • Support for multiple video sources
  • 24/7 intelligence monitoring
  • Business continuity capability
  • Help desk support

Network Operations Center Infrastructure

NJVC engineers have extensive experience in working with clients to develop and implement Network Operations Centers to monitor the agency’s operational status. These offerings go far beyond typical Network Operations Centers and provide a much more sophisticated view of worldwide information and operations. Through our work with our anchor Intelligence Community (IC) client, NJVC has created and supported Network Operations Centers that keep constant watch on the world’s political situation and provide the agency the means to deal with a fast-moving intelligence environment. The NJVC-supported Network Operations Centers provide “watch responsibility” to monitor what’s going on around the world, and to synthesize and display that information on knowledge walls for rapid analysis by the client’s intelligence professionals. The agency’s Network Operations Centers take feeds from satellite television, commercial networks and other intelligence sources and networks, and bring them together in a comprehensive, understandable, actionable format for the agency’s analysts. The “video matrix” built by NJVC brings together and distributes multiple video sources to different locations, and provides the client with “knowledge walls” to monitor and analyze the video information.

Network Operations Center Support Services

NJVC Network Operations Center support services provide constant support for our IC and Department of Defense clients monitoring services. NJVC ensures that this critical intelligence function is constantly in full operation. NJVC’s Network Operations Center support services include:

  • Network operations monitoring
  • Business continuity capability
  • Ability to quickly switch between multiple intelligence sources
  • Help desk support

Our help desk and problem resolution management capabilities are on par with larger service providers but possess the agility, flexibility and accessibility of a small company. We monitor and continually optimize our clients’ Network Operations Center environments, while proactively and quickly identifying and resolving problems and being constantly on call for changes and upgrades.