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NJVC specializes in delivering Information Technology Enterprise Solutions that are on time, on target and on budget. Designed to help our clients meet International Standards Organization 20000 and ISO 9001 compliance requirements, our Information Technology Enterprise Solutions leverage common tools, best practices and economies of scale to ensure that clients achieve maximum return on their IT investments. Our proven full-lifecycle development methodology helps ensure project success every step of the way.

Application Development

NJVC offers a variety of application design solutions that support the federal IT marketplace. Our complete, end-to-end solutions include software design, development, integration and testing, and deployment. In addition to developing new applications, our software solutions also help clients maintain existing systems, perform technological assessments of new technologies, develop toolsets to support system architecture and develop interfaces with commercial-off-the-shelf and government-off-the-shelf products.

Test and Integration Services

We understand that service failures can harm clients’ businesses and assets, and result in outcomes such as loss of reputation, loss of money and loss of time. Our test and integration services offered as Information Technology Enterprise Solutions are designed to minimize risk and ensure that any new or changed service or solution operates according to specifications and delivers maximum value to an organization.

Deployment Services

A well-planned and implemented release and deployment can make a significant difference in service costs for Information Technology Enterprise Solutions. Our deployment services are designed to provide the least risk and highest level of success in the integration of new or changed services into client production environments.

Datacenter/IT Operations

We do everything it takes to keep client datacenters up and running with optimal efficiency, reliability and security. Our experts in Information Technology Enterprise Solutions work closely with clients to ensure that their technology is aligned with the service and process objectives of their organization. NJVC also offers comprehensive datacenter management services. We can manage all aspects of the physical environment of data center and IT operations. We deliver cost efficiencies and operational effectiveness and provide a secure and stable environment for optimal Information Technology Enterprise Solutions.

Desktop Management

We manage all the support components for enterprise IT desktop and laptop computer hardware, software and peripherals, including:

  • Desktop policies and procedures
  • Design and standardization of desktop and laptop configurations
  • Desktop service maintenance
  • Design and implementation of desktop archiving/rebuild policies
  • Third-level support of desktop-related incidents
  • Support for external/mobile connectivity
  • Desktop technology lifecycle management and laptop cradle-to-grave management

Our Information Technology Enterprise Solutions ensure that our clients IT operations are fully supported throughout the entire lifecycle—development and testing, implementation and maintenance and troubleshooting. Our Intelligence Community and Department of Defense clients will attest to the high level of support we provide, efficiencies and cost savings we implement and overall dedication to their missions we offer 24/7 and every step of the way.


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