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Cyber Security
In the evolution of healthcare IT, cyber security can't be the missing link. Find out how NJVC can keep your data safe and compliant in an increasingly digital landscape. 
Managed Data Services
Big data doesn't have to mean big problems. View NJVC's portfolio of data center services. Read more
Cloud Services Brokerage
Mapping out a cloud strategy doesn't mean giving up control over your IT or data. Find out how the NJVC Cloud Services Brokerage can be your biggest ally in transitioning data to the cloud, while ensuring you remain compliant and in control. Learn about  Cloud Services Brokerage

Healthcare is a profession of specialists. So too is health IT. As the volume to value gap closes in the rapidly changing and increasingly digital landscape of healthcare, healthcare provider organizations struggle with depleted budgets and an increased attack surface for threats of all types.


NJVC, a full-service IT solutions provider to government and commercial clients, pairs the breadth of a complete IT portfolio with deep healthcare industry experience. We partner with you to create uncomplicated solutions that provide flexible capacity control and deployment with the highest levels of security on the market. We are complemented by industry-leading partners whose technologies align with our customer needs and meet our strictest standards. The result is value for your organization with prescription-strength health IT. Our solutions are carefully calibrated to provide the right dosage level for your organization — strong enough to solve problems and put you in control. 


At our core is a commitment to data security and regulatory compliance. NJVC was formed from the need to securely manage data for some of our nation's most vital defense infrastructure. More than a decade of success later, our adherence to data security remains part of our DNA. Just like the vital cyber infrastructure of defense, healthcare provider organizations depend on reliable, compliant, secure IT that functions especially when the stakes are highest.  


At NJVC, it's our support for your mission. It's healthcare IT: delivered exactly as the doctor ordered.


Casting Healthcare IT Safety Nets

Whether you consider it a net or a harness, partnering with the right health IT vendor can provide you with the ability to balance the transformation of healthcare delivery with regulatory compliance and information assurance. This high-wire act is tough for even the most skilled IT practitioners. NJVC provides health IT safety nets to ensure that compute resources can be securely provisioned with elastic and flexible capacity control and deployment. While the occasional tumble may happen, as with all technology, the results aren't catastrophic with a health IT safety net.



Treating Pain Points

NJVCbhealthcare IT can help clients with a wide range of needs, including:
Cyber security vulnerabilities
Cloud migration
Wireless device monitoring
Security as a service
IT automation
Secure virtualization.

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Reducing risky behavior reduces health risks. Similarly, so does reducing risky cyber behavior reduce vulnerabilities. Contact us to discuss Health Check Up, a diagnostic and training initiative that can help identify, treat and protect against cyber vulnerabilities.