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NJVC increases the efficiencies of clients’ information technology operations by using Hardware Consolidation to reduce the number of individual computers a client needs to support its operations. Through virtualization, cloud computing and other Hardware Consolidation techniques, NJVC cuts clients costs and increases performance so clients can concentrate on what’s important: their missions. Over time, many data centers have become large collections of increasing outmoded, inefficient servers, dedicated to specific tasks. NJVC’s Hardware Consolidation services can update those existing arrays by consolidating multiple tasks on single computers that use virtualization to run several different systems and tasks at once. This Hardware Consolidation approach makes client data centers and web-hosting operations smaller and more efficient and can significantly reduce costs of power, space and cooling.

Our capabilities include:

  • Virtualization, using Dell blade server architecture to consolidate the number of servers needed to perform tasks and reduce power, space and cooling requirements and costs
  • Hardware clustering, employing Veritas clustering software to reduce multiple system arrays to a handful of servers
  • Cloud computing, providing managed solutions to efficiently shift processes between virtual machines
  • Support of leading operating systems including Windows Server 2008 and Red Hat Linux
  • In-house systems design and architecture
  • Systems accreditation
  • Operations and sustainment

In addition to providing Hardware Consolidation services that unite multiple tasks and systems, NJVC also offers storage consolidation services to upgrade older, smaller, less-efficient hard drives and bring data together onto more efficient, larger drives. We offer storage recapitalization services to consolidate storage onto drives holding as much as two terabytes of data and using the latest software. We securely and efficiently migrate data onto new hardware, including EMC storage equipment and storage area network (SAN) infrastructures. Hardware Consolidation Support Services NJVC Hardware Consolidation efforts take advantage of our industry-leading data center management services to provide secure, efficient, redundant data center support.

Our support services include:

  • SAN solutions
  • Network-attached storage solutions
  • Preventive maintenance and sanitation of storage hardware
  • Remedy reporting and resolution
  • Help desk support and monitoring through enterprise service desks

We monitor and continually optimize our clients’ data center environments, while proactively managing data center performance, problem identification/resolution and patch management. Our call desk and problem resolution management capabilities are on par with larger service providers but possess the agility, flexibility and accessibility of a small company.


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