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At NJVC, we’ll handle the management and upkeep of your key software applications so you can concentrate on what’s important: your mission. We have extensive experience providing mission-critical Software as a Service (SaaS) support to federal agencies, providing NJVC clients with access to a flexible, cost-effective infrastructure with a low cost of ownership. NJVC Government SaaS solutions ensure continuous access to key services, applications and communications assets wherever our clients need it—around the globe—in support of mission requirements. Benefits of NJVC Government SaaS services are:

  • Flexibility to meet requirements
  • Hosting of both industry-standard applications (e.g. Microsoft Exchange) and complex, specialized applications, in a secure environment
  • Lower costs through virtualization, optimizing and consolidating equipment
  • Efficient centralized management of domain name servers (DNS) and IP addresses
  • Global network services, allowing both local and in-theater support
  • 24/7 help desk support, including Tier 2 and Tier 3 customer support

Government SaaS Infrastructure

NJVC engineers work with our clients to develop and implement a plan for Government SaaS programs for their unique situations. We deliver a customizable, high-performance, virtualized operational environment to support a wide array of software applications serving a wide variety of devices. We also manage complex DNS and IP address infrastructure, consolidating address support from scattered, legacy servers onto highly efficient centralized DNS and IP address server solutions. Our engineers install the client’s software on our servers and oversee the operation of all aspects of it, including upgrades, updates, installation of security fixes and service packs. We take care of all aspects of application management and support for software packages as common as Microsoft Exchange and as specialized as highly customized, highly secure unique client applications. By employing Government SaaS solutions from NJVC, our clients benefit from the efficiency and convenience of not having to install, manage and support software applications themselves, and gain assurance that the software will be available and that downtime will be minimized.

Government SaaS Support

NJVC Government SaaS programs provide a full range of customer support services and solutions. We can handle all aspects of application management, including domain infrastructure, account management, user profiles, authentications, mailboxes, shared folders, distribution lists and administrative accounts. NJVC’s Government SaaS support services include:

  • 24/7 worldwide help desk support and remedy reporting and resolution
  • Automated installation of application updates and upgrades, including security patches and service packs
  • High rate of fail-over capability with redundant, non-failing systems
  • Ability to increase and decrease system capacity based on needs
  • Support for hardware types ranging from PDAs/BlackBerries to desktops and services

We monitor and continually optimize our clients’ application environments, while proactively managing performance, problem identification/resolution and patch management.


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