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According to NIST, “Cloud computing is a services-oriented architecture typically implemented on a virtualized infrastructure (compute, storage and networks).” NJVC provides secure, reliable Government Cloud Computing Consulting in support of national security mission requirements. Our offerings include cloud computing services, cloud computing consulting, cloud storage, cloud brokering and cloud education. We specialize in offering Government Cloud Computing Consulting Services to the highly secure environments of the intelligence, defense and military communities.

NJVC provides thought leadership to leverage

The opportunity—and the challenge—of cloud computing is here to stay. As mandated by the Obama Administration, all federal government agencies are required to consider cloud computing technologies to improve government services and save money—particularly through the consolidation of 800 of the government’s 2,094 data centers by 2015. Cloud initiatives also are part of five structural changes in the federal IT reform plan. Federal agency chief information officers have three months to identify a minimum of three systems they deem suitable for cloud operations and to create a strategy for moving them. A year from now, at least one of the three systems must be operating in a cloud environment, and by June 2012, all three must be operating in a cloud environment. This powerful new technology is poised to transform government. By obtaining applications and services through the internet, via the cloud, federal agencies can save millions of dollars. The cloud can allow agencies to eliminate expenses associated with servers, software licenses, maintenance fees, data center space and related labor costs. At NJVC, we understand and embrace the boundless possibilities for Government Cloud Computing Consulting solutions. Cloud computing is the present—and future—of IT. Cloud Computing can transform how enterprises are managed and information is stored and managed. The myriad benefits of using Cloud Computing Consulting for Government solutions are:

  • Significant cost reductions
  • Reduced time to capability
  • Increased flexibility
  • Elastic scalability
  • Increase service quality
  • Increased security
  • Ease of technology refresh
  • Ease of collaboration
  • Increased efficiency

Integration and Management of Cloud Services

NJVC partners with our clients to deliver the appropriate Government Cloud Computing Consulting solutions in support of our clients’ missions. Some off the cloud consulting services we offer to enhance highly secure IT environments are:

  • Legacy migration
  • Cloud storage
  • Application hosting
  • Enterprise management
  • Cyber assurance
  • Cloud brokering

Cloud Education

Additionally, NJVC Government Cloud Computing Consulting services can bring your agency’s staff up-to-date on this powerful technology. Our education team offers a number of classes for government cloud computing users of varying degrees of knowledge sophistication: seminars for advanced learners and decision makers, “Cloud Computing 101” for beginners and “Cloud Computing 201” for intermediate learners. Partner with NJVC to embrace the power of cloud computing.


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