AIE Symposium on Cloud for Defense, Intelligence, and Homeland Security 2013: Kevin Jackson Presenting (Event Postponed)

Event Date: 
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 9:00 am - Wednesday, October 9, 2013 5:00 pm

Event Postponed Due to Government Shutdown

NJVC Vice President  and General Manager, Cloud Services, Kevin L. Jackson is proud to present at at the AIE Symposium on Cloud for Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security in Washington D.C., originally scheduled for October 8-9. Due to the Government shutdown, the Symposium has been postponed until Spring 2014.
Kevin L. Jackson, NJVC Vice President, Cloud Services

Kevin L. Jackson
Jackson's presentation, "Developing/Deploying the Hybrid Cloud," will address the evolution of hybrid IT, its future as the dominant IT model and best practices for assessing and developing your hybrid IT roadmap.
Highlights of the presentation on hybrid IT, a business model that combines in-house, locally-owned IT with cloud technologies, will include:
  • Selecting the right applications for the cloud
  • Deciding if a cloud services brokerage is right for you
  • Selecting your cloud services providers
  • Implementing consistent security and governance
  • Future-proofing your IT infrastructure
The event is sponsored by the American Institute of Engineers.
Key symposium themes are:
  • Government Strategies, Plans, and Requirements
  • Managing Cloud Migration—Strategies and Emerging Lessons Learned
  • Deploying Cloud to the Tactical Edge
  • Cloud Computing in the Enterprise Architecture
  • Security in the Cloud Environment
  • The Cloud/Big Data Convergence
For more on the benefits of CSB, the value of hybrid IT and NJVC's cloud offerings, please visit NJVC Cloudcuity.
About Kevin L. Jackson
As vice president and general manager, NJVC Cloud Services, Kevin Jackson is responsible for developing and implementing innovative cloud service offerings. He provides training, transition assessment and cloud services brokerage to federal agencies.
Before joining the company, Mr. Jackson served in various senior management positions with Dataline, Cryptek, IBM and JP Morgan Chase. Recently, he was named a “Cyber Security Visionary” by U.S. Black Engineer and Technology.
Mr. Jackson retired from the U.S. Navy, earning specialties in Space Systems Engineering, Airborne Logistics and Airborne Command and Control. He also served with the National Reconnaissance Office, Operational Support Office, providing tactical support to Navy and Marine Corps forces worldwide. Read more

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