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NJVC possesses extensive experience providing mission-critical Datacenter Management services. Our approach ensures reliable and continual data asset availability—wherever and whenever our clients need it. Our solutions are reliable, efficient, “green” and cost-effective. Our managed services infrastructure approach provides engineering, capacity planning and operations and maintenance—the full lifecycle of Datacenter Management activities. We provide maximum performance to meet client’s Datacenter Management requirements by delivering flexible, scalable server/storage systems.

The benefits of using our DataCenter Management services are:

  • Flexibility to meet requirements
  • Customizable, high-performance, virtualized operational environments
  • Capacity management and just-in-time component provisioning
  • Continuity of operations (COOP) and a full range of disaster recovery services, including planning, testing and implementation services with automated online and offsite backup
  • Reduced cost of ownership and operation, including reduced power, space and cooling requirements through use of lifecycle data management
  • Efficiency and reliability of data center and mission-critical services using Information Technology Infrastructure Library V3-based processes and procedures
  • Lower costs through use of virtualization and hardware consolidation and optimization

Managed Services Infrastructure

NJVC engineers work with clients to improve mission success by developing and implementing a Datacenter Management plan focusing on capacity management to increase data and processing center performance.

We provide full lifecycle support for infrastructure and legacy storage systems, including:

  • Engineering
  • Capacity planning
  • Operations and maintenance
  • COOP
  • Disaster recovery planning

We integrate disparate technologies into a single consolidated operational environment that is easy to manage and maintain for maximum efficiency. Upgrades and maintenance operations are seamless to allow the newest technology to be brought online without service interruptions. Just-in-time provisioning of infrastructure components ensures high availability of mission and corporate applications to help clients consolidate data, ensuring improved utilization of storage space and components. We also provide COOP and disaster recovery planning to ensure worry-free operation. Automated online and offsite data backup provide redundancies, as does tape backup with manned vaulting services and secure tape pickup and delivery services.

Datacenter Management Support Services

NJVC monitors and continually optimizes data center environments for clients and proactively identifies datacenter performance, problem identification and resolution, and patch management. We perform regular preventative maintenance services and provide remedy reporting and resolution. Our implementation processes and procedures based on ITILv3 and industry best practices support a secure datacenter environment.

Datacenter Management Support Services include:

  • Server consolidation and virtualization
  • Systems storage and applications migration and re-capitalization
  • Storage area network solutions
  • Network-attached storage solutions
  • Preventive maintenance and sanitation of storage hardware

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NJVC is proud to provide clients with sophisticated Cyber Security Solutions for Government, Government Cloud Computing Consulting and Datacenter Management services that ensure our customers' data remains secure and accessible - whenever and wherever they need it.