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NJVC’s Cyber Security Solutions for Government protect valuable data and network infrastructure in support of national security mission requirements. Our services include Cyber Security Solutions for Government, cyber attack, antivirus remediation and patch management for government clients. The internet and online world have opened an array of new opportunities for federal agencies—but also unprecedented risks. Left unguarded, everyday vulnerabilities can prevent agencies from achieving their mission.

At NJVC, we recognize another “battlefield”—that of cyberspace—and the imperative of protecting each agency’s proprietary information. Our expert team establishes effective Cyber Security Solutions for Government to limit threats to invaluable data and agency network infrastructures. We’ll help you develop a strong cyber security offensive strategy to secure your infrastructure and defend your network. With NJVC as your proactive partner, you’ll be one step ahead of any potential cyber attacks. Our expertise is in protecting worldwide networks—and our track record is impeccable. With our experts at your side, you’ll be ready to combat every sort of cyber security threat.

As a leader in Cyber Security Solutions for Government, we deliver solutions that work. In fact, our Department of Defense anchor client has experienced zero malware outbreaks and zero security-related outages despite recent increases in cyber attacks. Our trusted cyber security experts share years of documented success identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities. We know how to protect federal organizations. We leverage the best Cyber Security Solutions for Government for government to protect agency assets. We believe in innovative cyber solutions. We work with our clients as partners to develop specialized Cyber Security Solutions for Government that work for specific requirements. We develop a comprehensive, layered approach to optimize your security posture.

Advanced Cyber Security Solutions for Government

As a leader in the government security arena, we’ve worked with intelligence and defense clients with the need to protect highly secure networks and information. Our talented employees stay abreast of the latest technology developments and partner with our clients to reduce their vulnerability profiles to near zero. What cyber solutions are best for you? NJVC customizes solutions, using the latest techniques available. We specialize in perimeter defense using firewalls, routers, demilitarized zones and cross-domain solutions to meet security and collaboration requirements. We secure end points by deploying and maintaining host-based security tools, including:

  • Antivirus remediation
  • Patch management
  • Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert remediation

We also deploy and maintain server-based tools such as email virus scanning and web server security to protect internet-facing services from vulnerabilities. [link to data center management]

Certification and Accreditation (C&A)

NJVC provides a deployable on-site C&A support team that enables client site personnel to spend less time on accreditations and more time on their mission. With the support of our onsite C&A liaison program, our clients have received accreditation 100 percent of the time.


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NJVC is proud to provide clients with sophisticated Cyber Security Solutions for Government, Government Cloud Computing Consulting and Datacenter Management services that ensure our customers' data remains secure and accessible - whenever and wherever they need it.