Cloud computing is more than a technology model.
It is your corporate IT mission statement delivered in an enterprise technology: Increase efficiency, decrease expense. 
Cloud computing is your company unleashed from the cost of ownership of expensive hardware and unburdened from vendor lock-in. Cloud is the extension of an evolution away from prepackaged solutions to service on-demand, tailored for your organization. It's a tool for rapid, iterative innovation that ensures your IT infrastructure responds at the speed of need. In modern IT, it is the do-more-with-less button.
Like any tool, however, successful use is as much in practice as in capability.
At NJVC, our Cloudcuity portfolio provides commercial and federal solutions for cloud IT, suited for our customers needs across wide range of services from self-provisioning and in-house cloud brokerage services, to design, architecture and data migration, all supported by NJVC's cornerstone corporate commitment to security and regulatory compliance.
The tiered Cloudcuity framework provides a comprehensive approach to the design and deployment of mission-driven cloud computing environment. Further, NJVC's experience across the IT landscape, including data center consolidation, application migration and operations support,  delivers insight into critical considerations for cloud computing deployments of secure applications—insight that helps mitigate risk, while ensuring optimal fit to mission.
Our Cloudcuity service offerings are focused on providing solutions with exceptional fit to requirements and clear, measurable operational and economic benefits, as defined by the customer. You define success. We deliver it.
With NJVC's Cloudcuity porfolio, it's your IT, processes simplified, performance amplified. 

Going for Brokerage, A Winning Play.

The days of IT solutions arriving boxed up at your doorstep are over. Cloud computing brings the possibility of self-provisioned IT solutions custom-fit to your company's need, putting agility and innovation back into your IT enterprise.
NJVC's Cloudcuity Broker, a Cloud Services Brokerage, helps simplify cloud management, allowing self-provisioning through the Cloudcuity Management Portal, with NJVC expertise and leadership always on hand. 
In the evolution of the business of cloud, CSB is the logical progression of cloud computing, bringing the same advantages brokerage services have provided to travel sites and financial instruments to cloud computing. Instead of single-vendor models, cloud services brokerage allows you to remain agile and ensure your company's mission dictates your IT, not vendor service agreements. Further, with the wildly dynamic pricing of cloud services, CSB ensures your organization gets the most for its dollar.
For larger organizations with the the IT expertise to manage multiple cloud offerings and multiple business units, Cloudcuity Broker Enterprise is a way to bring harmony to any number of public, private or hybrid cloud offerings while evaluating and adding new cloud solutions as your needs require it.
As a full service CSB, adding expert consultation in addition to the brokerage portal, our Cloudcuity team can help design your cloud strategy and offer alternatives and manage the challenges of working with numerous APIs, allowing you to take full advantage of the cloud without needing a regiment of IT staffers. 

Your Strategy. Our Support.

Whether it's public, private or hybrid cloud, NJVC's Cloudcuity team will provide as customized level of support to best meet your needs, from self-service provisioning through solution architecture.
Most importantly, NJVC will minimize the risk to your data. Our commitment to data integrity remains part of our corporate DNA, delivered in everything we do. At NJVC, we understand that the most important data in the world is your data.

Treating Pain Points

NJVC's Cloudcuity portfolio can help with a wide range of  IT pain points, including:
Minimize Savings Leakage Associated With Shadow IT Security as a Service
Cloud Migration Continuing Operations
Managing Vendor Agreements Applications

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