Client Server Software Engineering Solutions - NJVC

NJVC is an innovative leader in the area of Client Server Software Engineering and development. Our applications, systems and technologies are used throughout the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense (DoD). Our clients turn to us to solve their toughest problems because we deliver the full solution, including:

  • A “best practices” approach based on leading industry standards
  • The right mix of skilled engineers and functional experts
  • The right solution, at the right time, for the greatest impact

NJVC supplies world-class Client Server Software Engineering solutions to cover a variety of challenges and applications.

  • By employing techniques such as agile (rapid) development, Scrum application development and others, we deliver the right solutions quickly and efficiently. We are recognized for delivering unified and high- performance solutions that are robust, scalable, flexible, cost-effective and secure. NJVC provide rapid application development in support of client’s missions in a coordinated and controlled operational setting.
  • We recognize that our clients have a sizable investment in their system architecture and legacy systems, so our solutions employ an integrated cross-functional approach to maximize investments in existing systems, applications and capabilities, while leveraging the potential of advanced technologies to implement new, high-payback solutions.
  • In addition to working with longstanding systems and software architectures such as Microsoft Enterprise tools, we also develop Client Server Software Engineering solutions for such cutting-edge applications as Web 2.0, widgets, virtualization, cloud computing and mobile devices.
  • NJVC also develops middleware solutions to link applications such as Cold Fusion and Ajax as front-ends and interfaces to Web databases.

Benefits of NJVC Client Server Software Engineering includes:

  • Repeatable success on systems, applications and capabilities on time, on budget, with high mission value
  • Deep DoD and intelligence community cross-functional domain knowledge
  • Latest technology and development approaches including:
    • Cloud technology
    • Virtualization
    • Agile (rapid) software development
    • Scrum application development
    • Web and portal systems (Drupal, Liferay, Ozone and Redhat jBoss)
    • Web 2.0; WebTop and Widget architectures
    • Mobile devices (IOS, Web OS, BlackBerry, Android, Maemo)
  • Process discipline and rigorous adherence to industry standards and practices, including SEI CMMI, ISO 9000:2001, ISO 20000, ITIL and PMP

Our offerings include consulting, development and software integration, supporting the full lifecycle of Client Server Software Engineering and technology implementation from design through operations, to maintenance and sustainment.

One of NJVC’s key assets in Client Server Software Engineering development is our Center for Technology Innovation, which provides software development, prototyping and testing services across all of our offerings. This high-powered development laboratory gives NJVC a competitive advantage to quickly develop and deploy solutions for our clients.

Our Client Server Software Engineering success results from our company-wide focus on quality and service in everything we do. Our corporate commitment is to increase the success of our clients’ missions and to improve their operational efficiency in ways that make a tangible difference.

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