Meeting HIPAA regulations is a requirement for HIPAA compliance, but as NJVC Cyber Security Principal Robert J. Michalsky said at the 22nd National HIPAA Summit, it's only a start. To protect patient data with the same zeal doctors protect their well being and avoid HIPAA-violating breaches, healthcare provider organizations must adopt a holistic cyber approach, starting with simple cyber hygiene. Review the slides of his presentation below.

"Establishing and maintaining compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule is absolutely necessary as it carries the force of law," Michalsky explained, "but it is not sufficient to ward off data breaches, whether caused by an accidental action of an insider or a malicious attack from a hacker."

A solution, Michalsky proposes, is an independent cyber integrator to create an enterprise view of your entire IT infrastructure, along with sound security policies for your employees and business associates. Simple procedures, like a low-cost cyber assessment, can identify gaps and vulnerabilities that may cost millions in fines and bad publicity if left untreated.

View his 22nd National HIPAA Summit presentation below, and contact us with any follow-up questions.


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Healthcare Cyber Security White Papers

Michalsky has authored or co-authored white papers on healthcare cyber security. 

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