It was a day of thanks for a lifetime of service, a small celebration for an enormous sacrifice, a simple salute for a job so proudly and thanklessly done.

And were it a year-long affair with a congressional-sized budget, it still would’ve seemed a reward less than the duty required.

Gathered in the glass-walled employee lounge of NJVC’s corporate headquarters Friday, the NJVC family paused to give a vocal thank you to all veterans on our staff and all veterans as well as active duty service members around the globe.

It was an opportunity to demonstrate the sometimes unspoken, but never forgotten, responsibility to our service men and women and our veterans.

“I would like to remind each of you to take a moment to remember the brave men and women of the armed services—past and present—who have sacrificed so much to protect the freedoms that we enjoy today and every day,” NJVC President Jody Tedesco said in an address to all staff. “I wholeheartedly salute our employees who are current and former service members who have done so much in support of our mission and our country.”

At NJVC, however, appreciation for our veterans and active duty service members is never simply a once-a-year affair.

Born in 2000 to support the needs of our nation’s service men and women and protect the secure enterprise in which they serve, NJVC was purpose-built with the singular goal to best support those who serve in all capacities from the homefront to the frontlines. More than dozen years later, admiration for our service men and women and dedication to their mission remain the defining strands of our corporate DNA.

NJVC is proud to have veterans employed throughout our ranks, including in senior leadership, offering former service members an opportunity to continue serving the needs of our armed forces, even if out of uniform.

As a company, NJVC puts its support where its heart is.

NJVC offers flexibility to our reservists on staff, understanding that service to your company and service to your country should never be in conflict. Through NJVCares, our corporate charitable giving organization, NJVC raises money for the USO, whose primary focus is to lift the spirits of our nation’s warfighters and their families.

On Veterans Day, NJVC thanks our veterans and active duty for letting us serve those who serve us so proudly.