In the century and a half Memorial Day has marked the May calendar, the occasion has collected many happy traditions, from afternoon baseball, to evening barbeques to warm nights welcoming summer. Yet, as we celebrate the long weekend with friends and family, within the peaceful borders of our country, we ask that everyone take a moment to remember those who gave so much while asking for so little.

In a time when our nation’s battles are remote, and the human cost of national security obscured in faraway headlines, the painful sacrifices in the name of peace are often overlooked.

As a proud ally of the Department of Defense, NJVC is privileged to work in support our service men and women, to have a closer vantage point to view their character and their commitment to our nation and to celebrate their triumphs and mourn their losses. We are honored to play a small role in support of our nation’s heroes, and as such, we aim to maintain the significance of this day—the somber reflection for those lost in service to our country—so that we might enjoy the other closely held traditions of this day and every other day.

As a company, our longest and most unbreakable commitment is to our service members. While we measure our achievements against the IT services provide and innovations we provide, our success is achieved only by their success in their most vital missions.

Our service men and women refer to their sacrifices as a duty or obligation, but it is all the more heroic that their services are a voluntary offering—a task not asked of all of us because the brave few volunteer before such a request is made.

We ask that everyone take time this weekend to give thanks to those who never asked for it and to those no longer able to accept it. Give thanks to the individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country and those who stand ready to do it each day.

On Memorial Day, give a day of thanks for a life of service.