NJVC is headquartered just outside Washington D.C, but we've always had the spirit of St. Louis with us.

More than 400 of our staff are located in the St. Louis metropolitan area, our largest regional office. Our research and development facility, the Center for Technology Integration, is located in the area. And for nearly 15 years, we’ve supported federal and commercial clients all around the Gateway to the West.

Thursday, we opened new headquarters for the St. Louis region at 1010 Market Street, Suite 1440, in the heart of downtown St. Louis.

For us, it’s more than a new office; it’s a new home and a launching pad for new services and solutions for St. Louis region customers.

We spoke to NJVC Vice President of Program Management and Strategy, Chuck McGaugh, to talk about what our newest location means for NJVC and our partners in the area .

Q: NJVC has maintained offices in the St. Louis metro area for hundreds of staff dating back to 2000. Why now open a new office downtown?

A: First and foremost, we’re excited to be at the center of St. Louis, a city with which we've had a long association and where so many of our staff call home. Secondly, our new home helps make our products, services and expertise accessible to all partners and customers in the region. Whether government or commercial, we want to be easily accessible to those we serve and those we work with, and this new location allows us to be.


Q: What’s the biggest benefits for our partners and customers?

A: It allows us to interact with the small business community, in particular. We're excited about small business here in St. Louis, where we ourselves have grown from a small business to a large one. We open our doors to small businesses to combine our years of experience in large enterprise projects with the ingenuity and innovation small business bring. For partners and customers, it also means better access to some of our best technical experts, all in one location. We have experts in cloud migration, hybrid IT transformation and optimization and enterprise management and monitoring as well as leadership for our enterprise simplification portal, Servicefront(TM), all in one location. At 1010 Market, we can offer some of our best minds in our core services all under one roof. That’s a powerful confluence of ideas to help our customers find the absolute best solutions for their needs.


Q: What new efforts will we see out of St. Louis?

A: We're continuing to develop Servicefront into a leader in the federal and commercial space for enterprise management and simplification, while creating new components to make it even more of an indispensable tool fo customer success. We'll continue to develop tools which help our customers unlock the power of their enterprise, without the burden of management.