At NJVC, we had much to be thankful for in 2015. It was a year of new customers and new missions, of opening a new office, and a new demo center and technology lab. It was a year of growth, innovation and new leadership.

It was a year of new ventures and new successes, none of which we could achieve without the support we receive from our team and the inspiration we receive from partners and customers.

Everything we have to be thankful for in 2015 is a product of that which we have to be thankful for every year.


We are thankful to serve.

At NJVC, supporting the needs of the warfighter, the intelligence community and national security is more than a duty. It’s an honor. We are grateful for the opportunity to work on our nation’s most critical missions. To provide IT when IT matters most, on a global scale, to some of the world’s most critical end users, to be trusted with our customers' missions, is a privilege for which we are grateful.


We are thankful for our team.

Our staff is the most driven team in federal IT. Supporting 200 sites globally with staff deployed far from home and ready to fly away on a moment’s notice, we are thankful for the dedicated personnel who provide continuous 24x7x365 support for missions that never end and never slow down. We are thankful for their commitment to the mission, understanding that delivering IT is about more than just the technology, it’s about delivering outcomes that enable performance. We are uniquely successfully because our team is uniquely committed to the mission above all else.


We are thankful for those who serve.

We are thankful to count hundreds of veterans among our staff. We work alongside active duty personnel around the world, at home and in theater. We understand what we ask of our service members day in and day out. We understand your sacrifice – magnified on days of homecoming like Thanksgiving – and are grateful for all that you do.


We are thankful for our technology and business partners.

Federal IT is a competitive field, but it is also the ultimate team sport, with companies around the country contributing different skills and insights all in support of the same goal, providing the best IT solutions to government missions. We are thankful for those we work with, who help us deliver end-to-end solutions that enable our customers' success.


We are thankful for our charitable partners.

Our charitable partners remind us of the sacrifices made every day, large and small, and help us remember those so often forgotten. We are proud to support the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), who assists those who lost loved ones in military service, the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation, who assists the families of CIA officers killed in the line of duty, and the USO, which aids service members throughout their time in uniform. For TAPS and the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation, we are honored to support those who give so much but never give up, who help those whose Thanksgiving tables may always have a vacant seat. To the USO, we honor your mission particularly at this time, as your support helps bring the homefront to the front lines for those who give up their holidays to ensure the peace and prosperity we all enjoy.

Lastly, we are thankful for all in our communities, supporting the common goals of our nation's most critical missions. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all.