Charitable hearts. Pernicious insiders. A veteran IT professional camped out under a mountain of Red Bull at a three-day hackathon. It was a year for giving, for new techniques, and for innovation in NJVCommentary. In our last post of 2015, check out some of our most popular stories from the year that was and find out why we learned to trust no one in cyber security, and cherish everyone through our work with TAPS.


Who's Responsible for Securing Online Accounts?

Passwords have been around since Ali Baba socially engineered his way into the thieves' den. So why is it still the dominant method of securing accounts, and who's to blame when passwords get compromised? In a Q&A released in conjunction with a white paper on securing online accounts, NJVC's Robert J. Michalsky explains why passwords still persist and why end users get too much of the blame in a breach. Read the post


What a Hackathon Taught a Veteran Coder

​Hackathons have exploded in popularity in recent years as part high-tech competitions but mostly java-fueled jam sessions for the coding set, the equivalent of all-day pick-up basketball games or high-tech music festivals. Think of it as Rucker for Ruby or a drum circle for DBAs. So what can a 72-hour, non-stop experimental coding session at the base of a mountain of Red Bulls teach a veteran programmer? Three important things, as it turns out. Read the post


Zero Trust Model in Cyber Security: Don't Trust. Just Verify.

"Trust, but verify" is a familiar maxim in cyber security, but a new framework is emerging in cyber security which makes all network activity suspect. Find out what the zero trust cyber security model is and why it might make sense in an increasingly hostile digital landscape. Read the post


Defeat the IT Mountain Range

Your IT enterprise has a mountain range. It is a problem. IT tools have become exceptionally good at solving specific problems. But they're not so great at forming end-user friendly IT enterprises. Find out how Servicefront solves this growing problem in your enterprises and returns your staff as much as 20 percent of its time. Read the post


Defending Against the Threat Within

Insider threat emerged as a major theme in 2015 as compromised or oblivious insiders played a role in numerous major cyber security breaches. So how can you defend against those on the inside? We proposed a Detect and Deter framework to understand how to deal with insider threat. Read the post


When Charity Was a Game and So Much More

There are few things we are as proud of as a company as our relationship with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), which offers support for the loved ones of those who died in service to our country. In early December, we were honored to take part in the Tiny Heroes Winter Wonderland, a night of games and enjoyment for the children our lost heroes left behind. Find out how our staff went above and beyond when we asked for donations and how more than 150 children found reasons to smile on a cold winter night. Read the post


Lessons From a Life in Service

At NJVC, we give thanks to our service members every day. We are proud to serve their needs, prouder to serve alongside many of them and prouder still that veterans make up nearly a quarter of our workforce. On Veterans Day, we asked some of our veterans in leadership to share the lesson learned in a life of service which most influenced their post-service careers. Read the post